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International Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Award

Partners in Protecting the Planet (PPP) has awarded Sustainable Technologies the bronze prize to the excellence in corporate social responsibility (CSR) , in the category “INTERNATIONAL”.

The award ceremony took place in London, on board of the HMS Belfast , on 29th July 2013

Download the press release here. Know more about the CSR Excellence Award here.


The MALENA Project – Which kinds of biomass for Sicily?

Conference on which biomass types are more suitable for the agroenergy development of Sicily. The  venue was held in the Experimental Agricultural Station of Caltagirone, Sicily (Italy) on 7th December 2012. The first results of the MALENA Project were presented to a public of over 50  key stakeholders of the local agricultural sector, Authorities and University researchers.

Video of Mario A. Rosato’s lecture on the biogas yield of two common biomasses for biogas production, sorghum and corn grown under Sicilian climatic conditions, and discussion on more sustainable alternatives.

Rosato-malena from mario alejandro rosato on Vimeo.

Conference (in English with Italian translation): Technology development for efficient design and operation of biogas plants

Prof. Jing Liu, of the University of Lund (Sweden) presented his views on the future trends in R&D and the challenges of technology transfer to the biogas industry.

The conference, organized by Agroenergia, took place in Vercelli, Italy, on 16th Nov. 2012.

In the next links it is possible to download the text in English and the translation into Italian of the slides.

prof. Jing Liu – The development of the biogas technology from Mario Alejandro Rosato on Vimeo.

Fair and Symposium on biogas in Tortona (Italy)

Sustainable Technologies presented the AMPTS of Bioprocess Control AB in its own stand during the Fair and Symposium on biogas that was held in the technologic center of Tortona (Italy) on 1st and 2nd  March 2012.

During the event prof. Mario A. Rosato was interviewed by the redaction of TeklaTV and the reportage was broadcasted by  the TV chain Sky.


Innocentive-CEA prize to the best technology to recycle cathodic ray tubes

Our technology wins the first prize from the Consumer Electronics Association and Innocentive among 357 proposals from all the world

The problem: 

With the diffusion of the plasma and LCD screens, the old cathodic ray tube (CRT) is slowly disappearing.  Milions of TV sets and monitors will have to be recycled. The CRT is made of glass with about 30% lead, becoming thus a material  difficult to place in the market of the recycling or reuse. Furthermore, within 10 years there will be no more  production of CRTs, hence no more demand for recycling them, so it is necessary to develop a process that does not require high investment, in order to build leaded glass recycling facilities that will surely have a short life.

Our solution:

It consists of a low cost chemical process that allows recovering the lead oxyde, which has an intereting market value and constant demand because it is the main material to make car  batteries , paints and other products. The process requires very little energy, simple machinery and, most important, does not emit lead neither in water nor in the atmosphere.

Press releases:

web of Innocentive:

web of CEA (Consumer Electronics Association):

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