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Biological management of biogas plants

Autonomous managing of the biogas plant at your fingertips!

We can train your staff and install in your plant a  small laboratory, for you to become independent. After a short period of remote support from our side, your staff will be able to manage the biological process with total autonomy. This will require just a few, simple, periodical tests to check the digester’s biological constants and the quality of the feedstock.

Stop wasting money sending samples to foreign laboratories! Stop consuming expensive so-called “special” products, whose effectiveness is dubious! The management of your incomes is too important to leave it in third parties’ hands.

Not yet convinced? Read the following case studies, and judge by yourself:

Still doubting? Learn by yourself with our book Managing Biogas Plants: a practical guide.

If you want to manage autonomously your biogas plant, please fill in the form and we will call you back inmediately.

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Product name:Assistenza biologica

SKU:La gestione biologica integrale dell'impianto di biogas
Price:700 - 1000 € + IVA
category:impianti di biogas
Offer available from:2017-05-14
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Published onSat May 13