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Gas Endeavour III standard and Light

The evolution of the Gas Endeavor II, the Gas Endeavor III is a versatile, entirely modular instrument equipped with interchangeable measurement cells. Using the kit of 18 2 ml cells, the instrument is suitable for carrying out biological tests that require measuring very small volumes of gas, for example: in vitro simulation of ruminal processes (Van Soest gas production), biodegradability of plastics ( standards ISO 14853 and 15985) and chemical substances, anammox denitrification, etc. By mounting the 9 ml cells, however, the instrument is used for carrying out BMP tests, meeting the requirements of the UNI/TS 11703:2018, VDI 4630:2014, and IWA (International Wastewater Association) draft protocol. The measuring cells are closed, and equipped with an inlet and outlet, so it is possible to collect the gas in a flask to analyze its composition with a gas chromatograph. It is also possible to use this instrument for aerobic tests and hydrogenotrophic methanation tests. There are three batch reactor models for your choice: 500 cm3 and 1000 cm3. The Light version has half the measurement channels and therefore comes standard with 9 2000 cm3 reactors. Both versions have half-shaft agitation. The Animal Nutrition version, designed for in vitro ruminal simulations, comes with a shaking or orbital bath and 250 cm³ reactors. The maximum measurement error is 1%, including real-time normalization of the measured gas volume, calculated wet or dry at the user’s choice. The results are downloaded in XLSX or CSV format, of your choice. The instrument has a network card and all the software is already integrated, a normal browser is enough to access it from LAN or remotely.

Both standard and Light versions are suitable for carrying out continuous tests. By activating this function, the Aurora software adds an additional page to the menu, where the user can record the power supply. The software will automatically calculate the HRT and OLR.

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