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Gas Endeavour

The last born in the family of instruments manufactured by Bioprocess Control AB, the Gas Endeavour is a versatile instrument, fully modular, with interchangeable measurement cells. With the kit of 15 cells of 2 ml nominal capacity, the instrument is suitable for conducting biological tests that require high sensitivity in detecting gas flows, as for instance:  in vitro gas production (Van Soest), biodegradability of plastics (ISO 14853 and ISO 15985 standards) or chemicals,  anammox denitrification, etc.  Mounting the cells of 10 ml capacity, the instrument is suitable for BMP tests, fully compliant with the norms UNI/TS 11703:2018, VDI 4630:2014, and the protocol of the IWA (International Wastewater Association).  The measurement cells are closed and feature input and output connectors, making possible to collect all the gas in a balloon in order to analyze its chemical composition with a gaschromatographer. Three models of batch reactors available: 500 cm3, 1000 cm3  and 2000 cm3, with individual motors and stirring rod (all) or with orbital shaking thermostatic bath  (500 cm3 reactors only). The maximum measurement error is 1%, including the normalization in real time of the gas volume. The results can be downloaded either in XML or CSV format. The instrument has a network card and all the necessary software already built-in, you need just any browser to access from your LAN or through the Internet.

Modular measurement, data logging and control unit of the Gas Endeavour
The system with 500 ml-reactors and orbital shaking thermostatic bath.
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Published onMon Apr 30