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We offer to Business Angels, Venture Capitals and single entrepreneurs the possibility to participate in the capital of the Company, or to invest in the creation of new ad hoc Companies, or to buy the license of one of our technologies to be applied in his/her own Company.

Proposed projects 

  • New technology of anaerobic digester, suitable for offshore operation, patent applied for (Nov. 2014).
  • Mini modular anaerobic digestion plant, power range from 20 to 120 kW, purely agricultural use, low cost (research in progress).
  • Integrated system for the treatment of farm manure or urban wastewater, with annex bamboo plantation and production of flooring and fibre panels. Possibile implementation in several places in Spain and Italy. Winner of The Economist award.
  • AFADS system  (Anaerobic, Bioremediation, Aerobic, Solar Distillation). A modular  low cost system for the treatament of urban or industrial wastewater. Spanish patent P200602188.
  • System for the recovery of lead oxide (OPb) from cathodic ray tubes’ glass (CRT).
  • Integrated system for the production of palm oil, biodiesel, soap, palm kernel biscuits  and panels in palm fibre-cement.

To ask for more information, please use the contact form.