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  1. Managing biogas plants: a practical guide. CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group. This volume condenses seven years of experience in the field, both in biogas plants and biogas research, as well as a comparison of the existing standards for measuring the BMP (biochemical methane potential).
  2. Small Wind Turbines for Electricity and Irrigation: Design and Construction. CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group. Whether vertical or horizontal axis, slow or fast, this book will teach step by step how to design and build small wind turbines for anly application. It also contains a series of solved excercises, calculation spreadsheets, and a chapter on “alternative” wind machines much hoaxed in internet and why they will never work.

We collaborate with the Editors of several technical magazines and web sites but mostly Italy and Spain. The only articles available in English for the moment are the following:

Simplified wind turbine design for marine propulsion, by Mario A. Rosato (PDF, published in Catalyst nr. 11, 2003)

Downwind faster than the wind? by Mario A. Rosato (PDF, published in Catalyst nr. 11, 2003)

Making water sports easy for disabled people, by Mario A. Rosato et al. (PDF, published in Catalyst nr. 16 , 2004)

About fishtails, raymotion and gondolas,  by Mario A. Rosato (PDF, published in Catalyst nr. 17, 2004)

Production of Methane from Microalgae Biofilms Growing in the Wastewater Treatment Plants in the Canary Islands, Mario Rosato et al. , EcoTech Congress 2010, Kalmar , Sweden (full proceedings of the congress in PDF, page 904)

Increased Biomethane Production from Endoglucanase-Pretreated Feedstock Journal of Research in Environmental Science and Toxicology Vol. 9(1) pp. 1-8, July, 2020

Technologic Materials for a Decarbonised Economy: the future source of instability?, by Mario A. Rosato, published in Nueva Energia, Dec. 2011

Biotechnologies for the production of renewable energy and construction materials , by Mario A. Rosato

How beneficial are urban forests? , by Mario A. Rosato

Application note: Quick restart of a biogas plant and micronutrients cost optimization, by Mario A. Rosato

Application note: Checking you biogas plant’s health, by Mario A. Rosato

Application note: Recovering a lost batch test with the /data function, by Mario A. Rosato

Article: The error propagation in the BMP assay of corn silage  and how to minimize it, by Mario A. Rosato

Article: Redimensioning the importance of the FOS/TAC test, by Mario A. Rosato

Article for the World Biogas Association: A critical review of the VFA/TA (FOS/TAC) method 

Article on Biogas Insider: Self-management of the anaerobic digestion process

Article in the Magazine of the Indian Biogas Association: A critical review of the VFA/TA (FOS/TAC) method


Please check the Italian and Spanish versions of this page for more articles in the said languages.

We have collaborated in the redaction of the Italian norm UNI/TS11703:20018 on the BMP assay.


We collaborate as peer reviewers with the Journal of Environmental Management , published by Elsevier[cml_media_alt id='2574']Elsevier JEMA reviewer[/cml_media_alt]