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Laboratory instruments for the biogas plant’s optimization

Laboratory instruments for  biogas research and plant optimization

Laboratory tests provide the right support  for getting the maximum biogas amount from the feedstock .

We distribute in Spain, Portugal and Italy the instruments of Bioprocess Control, worldwide leader in the production of high precision instruments for the optimization of anaerobic digestion processes.

  • AMPTS (Automatic Methane Potential Test System). The ideal tool for measuring accurately the methane potential of the feedstock and the biological strenght of the inoculum.
  • BRS (Bio Reactor Simulator). Specially conceived for simulating anaerobic digestion processes
  • Biogas Endeavour . Same features as the AMPTS, but specially tuned to support the biological control of  anaerobic digestion plants.
  • μ-Flow cell (general purpose laboratory gas flow and total volume counter)
  • Laboratory reactors of 0,5 l, 2 l , 5 l and 10 l. Specially conceived for monitoring biogas processes and general fermentative processes as well.

Furthermore we distribute muffle ovens, moisture analysers, glassware and other lab material as well as complete turn key laboratories for biogas plant support. 

biogas laboratory support
Laboratory instruments to support the optimization of biogas plants
Product name:Assistenza biologica

Price:22.000 € + IVA
category:strumentazione per assistenza biologica
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Published onSun Jan 8