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About us

We are a  dynamic  multidisciplinary group of professionals with a solid base in  sustainabile design of  products, industrial processes and strategies of environmental protection.

Our vision is the scientific and technological research applied to the industry, with the scope of developing sustainable products or systems. What makes us different is a  simple philosophy, without useless Hi-Tech virtuosisms and tailored to solving our customers’ problems with the lowest cost .

We are capable of managing and developing  innovative, effective and efficient solutions in terms of time and costs, thanks to a wide international network of high level researchers and technologists from several Universities,  research centres and spin-offs. We have  collaborated as experts with the European Commission in the redaction of the document Materials Roadmap Enabling Low Carbon Energy Technologies, that belongs to the  Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan).

Our social capital  is 100% private, nevertheless we have obtained several forms of economic support from the Spanish Government, from a Spanish Bank and from the   European Union  for a research on biohydrogen from algae.