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Muffle ovens, moisture analyzers and laboratory materials

Are you looking for laboratory ovens and other laboratory material? Or a complete laboratory for biogas research or biogas plant monitoring on turnkey basis? We have the solution for you!.

The minimum laboratory equipment is composed by:

  • Economy muffle oven to dry and calcine the samples.
  • Gravimetric muffle, when it is necessary to treat a big number of samples.
  • Precision scale (halogen moisture analyzer)  for measuring total and volatile solids.
  • Aspiration hood.
  • pH meter.
  • Biogas Endeavour or kit with three micro-Flow Cells.
  • Spectrophotometer for measuring N, P and K (optional).
  • Crucibles, glassware, reactants and other tools and materials.

For technical information and enquiries, please use the contact form.



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