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Lecture on sustainable technologies at the IUAV

Within tle cycle of African Lectures, organized by  prof.Patrizia Montini Zimoli’s workshop on environmental sustainability, Mario A. Rosato held a lecture on sostainable technologies and a study case on rain harvesting in sustainable bulidings. The lecture took place at the IUAV,  Cotonificio aula 2, Venice, on 18th Nov. 2014 at 14:30 instead of  10:00 as reported on the poster .[cml_media_alt id='1913']Locandina 2014[/cml_media_alt]

Rain harvesting in Kerala. (India)

First prize of the Rockefeller Foundation for solving the problem of  rain harvesting in Kerala.


  • To build a tank of at least 6 m3 capacity for rain harvesting during the Monsoon, that costs less than 120 US$ and does not need machinery for the transport and erection. Furthermore, it must be mounted on weak consistency ground, with underground water that comes up during the Monsoon.
  • To create job places for low income inhabitants, specially for women.
  • Use only local materials.

Our solution:

A 8 m3 capacity tank designed to be easily erected by two women by assembling locally made vegetable fibre-cement panels.  Our design reduces the erection time to only 2 days and the cost of 120 US$ to the final customer leaves a margin of 30 US$ for the workers. The carbon emissions  calculated for the whole process of fabrication are null.